Fethard on TG4 TV Programme

On Sunday evening Fethard was featured on TG4 TV and the quirky town came across as is on the quirky programme ‘Spillane an Fánai’ ( Spillane the Wanderer).

From Clonacody House, home of explorer Henry Kellett,Terry told the story of the ‘Resolute’ desk ( made from the timbers of Kellett’s ship) that Obama sits at in the Oval Office and from Moyglass he told the story of John ‘Red’ Kelly (father of the famous ‘Ned’ ) who was born up the road and who got a one way ticket to Australia for stealing two pigs in 1840.

The town geese featured prominently – as they should – but local artist and potter Doirín Saurus protected John Spillane from a full on ‘rush’.

McCarthy’s bar anchored the show -as it should- and coffins and ghosts and tiger taming were the topics on the night.

The programme will be repeated on Thursday the 19th at 10:15pm with English subtitles.

Also viewable online at: http://nasc.tg4.tv/1eCcyHE