Great Medieval Festival

Last weekend , June 20 -22,saw 4,000 people , especially children, come to Fethard for a great day’s fun, activity and education.. Of course the weather was magical and when the sun shines people come out to play. As part of the Festival, I brought around forty people on a free guided tour of the Medieval Trail on Saturday  ( at 11 am and again at 2 pm) and Fethard was looking wonderful.( While walking on the River Walk we came across a dead ‘Great White Toothed Shrew’ , a NEW animal in Ireland with the past few years, Check him out.)

The Festival was great , but it does take a lot of time and effort from the small organising team of us  (from the Fethard  Historical Society) who put the show together. So , for that reason, it is great that it is now over and that all went so well.  see    for the photos that will go up this weekend.