The Year is Turning

So March is coming to an end ( and heres hoping for a mild Shionn Riacht *) and the sun is coming back to Slieve na mBan and Magh Feimhin ( the Plain of Feimhin) where Fethard is situated. There have been great developments indeed of late ,,with the Irish State having invested €650,000 in the total restoration of the Everard Alms House (c.1608 AD) on Main Street and now Fethard Horse County -a centre dedicated to the history of the horse in the area – has been installed in the building with the major finance coming from Coolmore Stud which is headquartered in the parish.

So another reason to come see us

(*Shionn Riacht -as pronounced in Déise Irish – refers to the wild days of wind and cold and rain that comes ,usually, in Early April and that finally killed the ‘old brindled cow’-   ‘an Sean Bó Riabhach’ . As the old story goes, March couldn’t kill her so it borrowed those wild days from April to finally finish her off. So , soon – after the Shionn Riacht has passed – Spring will come.